Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Death-Penalty Holdouts," by Daarel Burnette II

Article courtesy: Chicago Tribune

"If not for two men, James Degorski would be headed to death row for the Brown's Chicken massacre. Juan Luna would be there already without the efforts of a married mother of two from Chicago.

The three -- jurors in the mass murderers' criminal trials -- intrigue legal experts for their rare ability to withstand intense pressure during deliberations and their refusal to support the death penalty.

Though a staple of courtroom movies and television dramas, the lone holdout or two is an anomaly inside jury rooms, experts say. That's even truer in capital cases where the law bars people who morally oppose the death penalty from serving, making it more difficult for those who favor a life sentence for a particular defendant to find allies."

Read the remainder of the article HERE.

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