Saturday, August 1, 2009

Could TriMet's fat benefits sink the transit agency? by Anita Kissee


PORTLAND, Ore. - You may have heard the radio ads calling out TriMet, which spends as much as $1,900 per employee, per month, just for health insurance benefits.

Radio Ad: "Free breast enhancement, fitness centers, eyeglasses, no co-pay -- and taxpayers are paying for all of it!"

That's enough to win the so called 'Golden Fleece Award' for wasting taxpayer money but you will be floored when you see the millions more TriMet is spending every year on people who don't even work there.

Over the last month, KATU investigated TriMet's union benefits package and we learned the same kind of deal that drove GM into bankruptcy is happening right here, even as the transit agency faces a $31 million budget deficit.

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